"You write about things that people can find common experience with, just a lot of really strong themes and I think that's part of the appeal of your music for sure."

- Cat, QueerSounds KYRS FM


David has been writing music since 2003 and performing since 2012. Colleagues who have worked with him in the studio have, independently of each other, described his music as "vulnerable". (Conrad Uno of Seattle's former Egg Studios) Heartfelt, offbeat and occasionally visceral, his music lays his heart bare. His style has been likened to Nick Drake, Joan Baez, Elliot Smith, Styx (the ballads), etc. With material that brings light to his own experiences while leaving room for listeners to draw parallels of their own, hearing his music recorded or live is a unique experience.


"You take situations that so often seem to lack any essential quality and place them in a context of, for lack of a better description, breath and life."

- Joshua, friend and fan